Here you might find answers to some frequently asked questions about me and the website! If theres a question you dont see here, but think it should be, drop me an email and i’ll try to add it!

Collecting Questions

What do you collect and why?

I collect Generation 1 My Little Pony, Asian Ball Jointed Dolls (BJD), Blythe dolls and Pure Neemo (PN) dolls, as well as Rainbow Brite toys and a whole bunch of other things that catch my interest…

I’ve had My Little Pony for as long as i can remember. My first was a Cotton Candy, back in the 80’s, and my collection grew from there. I’ll admit, i went through a phase of thinking i’d outgrown them, and sold the majority of my childhood collection in my early 20’s and i’ve always regretted it.My current collection is far larger than anything i could have imagined as a child, and it makes me very happy. Both for the nostalgia, and the addictive nature of collecting!

Rainbow Brite was introduced to my by my aunt, who at one time had a massive collection of her own. My childhood collection that she bought me, is still in my home today, as well as a few i inherited. Collecting them (albiet on a smaller scale than my other collections) is a way for me to connect with those memories all the more. And who doesnt love a pop of colour?!

Ball Jointed dolls, Blythe and Pure Neemo collecting all came about more or less for the same reason; I love to make and sew, i love how customizable they are, and i love making charecters and stories!

Who is your favourite pony?

It changes! Allllll the time…! But i have fond memories of my childhood club baby ponies, Confetti, Merry Treat and Milky Way.

What does HQG1C mean?

High Quality Generation 1 Custom. They are ponies made and created by the collector community and sold as brand new charecters or blanks for customising.

Where can I buy some of these toys?

Check out my resources page in the main menu for some links to shops as well as handy webpages for toy ID.

What does your husband make of all this?

HA! He collects Transformers, so in terms of judging me, he hasnt got a leg to stand on! Seriously though, he’s very supportive.

Do you restore other peoples ponies or just your own?

I do take on other peoples collections/Individual ponies quite a lot. People email me and post their ponies over and i give them a clean or rehair… depending on what they need.


Shop Questions.

What process have the ponies in your shop been through, before being put up for sale?

When i get a new batch of ponies, i first access what each one needs and go from there. Some only need a wash, some need more extensive treatment. I try to outline what i’ve done to each and the end condition as much as possible in the listing. I can say, any pony that comes to me has a thorough clean and hair condition at the very least.

Can we see your process?

I have a youtube channel where you can see an example.

Will you sell this item for me?

You can ask via email, but i cant say i’ll definitely be interested.

Will you buy this item from me?

Same as above.

Do you have XYZ for sale?

The items in the shop at any one time are the things i have for sale. I dont do custom requests at this time.


More to be added soon!