Author: Hare

An Azone Adventure

Its been a doll week in house Hare.

A few days ago I recieved my first ever Azone Pure Neemo! She is an EX-Cute Angelic Sigh II Lien, Smile version. And oh she is SO CUTE! I have Blythe dolls on Pure Neemo bodies, so i knew how excellent they posed but the overall quality of this doll is fantastic.

I’ve long coveted the little charecter dolls that i see in magazines like Dolly Japan and Dollybird, so to finally have one is an amazing feeling. I think i chose well? Honestly i dont know much about them beyond they are cuuuute, so i imagine there are collectors out there rolling their eyes at me, but i just chose one that was affordable and adorable haha!

I’ve named her Rian – not too dissimilar to her stock name, but easier for me to remember for some reason. *shrug*

She is second hand from Madarake, but honestly she doesnt look second hand in the slightest. I was really impressed!

Both her and the box dont have a mark on them, there wasnt a hair out of place… i wonder if she had even been taken out of the box before? I’m afraid i’m not the sort of collector that keeps things in their boxes… i just want to plaaaay!

Her outfit is beautiful, honestly. So well made. The little boots absolutely kill me! GAH! TOO CUTE! I’m going to have to pick up some new hands for her in the future, so that i can change her posing a little, because i cant imagine permenant jazz hands are going to retain their entertainment value haha!

I thought finally buying one for myself would either cement for me that small dolls dont do anything for me, or it would mean the start of a new obsession… Can you guess which it is?

Maybe i’ve just outgrown the appeal of larger dolls? Naaaah.

For now though, Rian is a welcome distraction and a a cute addition to the house. I dont imagine it will be long before i end up with a second! Although i might do a little more research before that happens. I know they have different storylines… but how much crossover happens? I dont know if i want to collect a specific set-series or just ones i happen to like the look of…

I may end up going down the latter route, if only because that is how i collect most things. Theres plenty of ponies i dont intend to ever buy, i’ll tell you that much!

Anyway, my other doll project this week will have to wait until next time… 😛

New website i guess!

Oh wow… well here we are!

I didnt really have any intention, when i first set out to collect my little pony after *mumblemumble* years, of making a website let alone half the new skills i have picked up in the meantime. But its been good! We are currently still in the midst of the Covid pandemic, still locked down, still with too much time on our hands, and this has been the perfect distraction from all thats wrong with the world at the moment.


So this week, one of my very good freinds decided to suprise me with this!

And oh boy is she pretty!!

She is a HQG1C Tradewinds. A pony that i didnt think i would ever afford myself, because she came as part of a bundle with a Pony Freinds Convention bag and a mystery pony and was quite spendy.

But my freind treated me as a suprise and i am so so grateful! Shes far prettier in person too, Oh my gosh!

I always liked the more unusually coloured ponies when i was a kid, so this lady is amaaaaazing! The most bright blue! <3

My bonus mystery pony was… Celebration! And he’s lush too! I didnt plan on buying a Celebration to be honest, I dont have the money to buy every HQG1C that comes out, so i tend to be picky, but i’m so glad i’ve got him!

Like Tradewinds he looks so much better in person, and the boys were childhood favourites too. 😀

Both of them have had a mini-spa and hair styling since they have arrived. My only niggle about the HQG1C’s (apart from the mouthful of a name) is the crazycakes factory hair. I nearly always end up with loose plugs too. Its dissapointing given their pricetag but i think its something i have to put up with in order to have them at all. They are entirely community designed and released, so the rooting being a bit naff isnt so bad. They wouldnt exist otherwise, i’m sure!

Aaaanyhoo… I’m working on the webshop behind the scenes!

This is a hobby for me, more than a real business. I intend to list my duplicate ponies, rehairs, restorations and alternative rehairs/customs that I do for fun, as well as small runs of doll related items – specifically Blythe and Pure Neemo… maaaybe some BJD items if anyone wants it. I have a job lot of shoes coming actually… (it was cheaper to buy multiple pairs rather than just the ones i wanted.) All Blythe sized. I cant wait to see what they are like!

I also have my very first official Pure Neemo EX-Cute doll coming this week, and i am so excited! She is definitely for me though haha!

Well, i guess thats it for now… I’ll keep y’all updated! ~<3